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Heating Mat


Struggling to get your brew ready? Cold weather and changing temperatures are really hard on your scoby. This mat has an adjustable temperature with low voltage to keep your kombucha cozy and warm during those drafty days. Place it under your brewing vessel and insulate with a towel or dish cloth.

Kombucha Brewing Jar


A Provisions Exclusive! Take your brewing to a whole new level with this beautiful hand blown glass jar. Made by the talented artisans at Kitengela Glass, this 3,000ml jar is perfect for a stylish home brew. Making your kombucha in glass ensures the non-porus surface is easy to clean, and doesn’t absorb any flavor. You’ll be proud to display this one of a kind piece on your kitchen counter.

Height 24cm/9.25 inches
Cute Fat Waist: 50.5cm/19.75 inches

Kombucha Home Brewing Session


Learn how to brew your own kombucha or polish up your home-brewing skills, all from the comfort of your very own kitchen. We will educate you on teas and flavors, and show you how to make each batch a fizzy success. You will taste a variety of home-brew samples, and will be able to ask any kind of brewing-related question. The class fee includes a teacher coming to your home kitchen with all supplies needed: a live Kombucha SCOBY, black tea, sugar, glass jars for brewing and 2nd fermentation as well as simple recipes.

Kombucha Starter Kit


Everything you need to start making your own kombucha at home! Kit includes all you need for the first fermentation: a recipe, live SCOBY with starter tea, sugar and black tea, a breathable cloth and 2liter glass jar. Also provided for your second fermentation is a strainer, funnel and a 500ml glass jar. We only recommend brewing in glass, and recycled jars when possible. We happily offer free advice and tips via email, WhatsApp and our sister group on Facebook: @Culture254


*Free with purchase: kefir grains to make your own yogurt and sour cream!* Read more about this amazing and simple probiotic by clicking here.